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About me

From navigating the unique issues that face children and teens to working with those struggling with infertility & pregnancy loss, my goal is to sit with those who are seeking understanding and healing and meet them where they’re at! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and I’m passionate about what I do! I specialize in working with children, teens, families, infertility & pregnancy loss as well as recent or past trauma. My training has given me insight and empathy for families experiencing difficult times and struggling to work through it! I am EMDR trained and utilize this tool to help those who’ve experienced trauma. 

When working with children and teens I know that as a parent, your children are one of your most cherished relationships! Having a child or teen who is struggling can be scary! I'm here to help! I am also trained and passionate about working with individuals and couples who’ve experienced infertility & pregnancy loss work through grief & this unique journey.

Therapy can often be viewed as scary, uncomfortable or something that, if needed, labels you or a family member as broken. I want to help people struggling through a brief or long term difficulty unload the burden, find healing and discover a new, healthier way of life!

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